Beau Marché


We love it when a store matches it’s name and Beau Marche was definitely one of those places.  If we had to think of one other word to describe it we would have to go with… enchanting.

Even though the store just opened recently, one would never guess it.

Fresh flowers filled our senses immediately and the light jazz music playing only added to the charm.

There were so many beautiful things to look at and it was pure bliss walking around, enjoying the mix of modern and vintage.

Julie, the shop owner, shared with us that many of the items in her store have come from years of collecting from flea markets around Europe, including France and Italy.

I would love to have a couple of these for my studio.  My ink pads would fit perfectly!

What captured us most was the attention to detail.  Every table was set…

The store front stood ready to welcome guests in…

And even the tiniest of treasures were given a place of honor.

Located back a couple streets from the Stroget, this shop is very easy to find (and it happens to be only a couple minutes from our new apartment!)

What about you?  Are you drawn to shops with character and charm?  Did anything in particular catch your eye from Beau Marche today?

Beau Marche, Ny Ostergade 32, 1101 Kobenhavn


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