Iso B Side Table

2.880 kr. 2.016 kr.

Design: Pool
Indendørs og udendørs sidebord
Farve : Sort
Materiale : Stål , pulverlakeret
Mål: Ø 47 cm x H 44 cm

! Udstillingsmodel !


Materiale: coated steel, grained epoxy paint

Specifikationer: B40 H42,2 cm 7 kg

With these two side-tables Iso-A (rond) and Iso-B (square), POOL studio reaffirms its hyper-graphic style. Each one of these tables taken individually highlight a pattern; the two tables presented together create a new one: their superposition gives birth to a moiré effect, and the pattern becomes alive. Packaging dimensions 50x50x50 cm